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Southernmost coast of South Island

Hi Warwick, Heather and members.. from deepest south of South Island.. we joined very early, were maybe even founder members, and had marvellous years of diverse young visitors while we were still farming sheep and beef on southernmost coast, and while our children were growing up.. we are still farming but haven't had those fun jobs like drenching and tailing and dagging for some time.. are now a dairy farm with sharemilkers.. but we have joined FHINZ again, as we now have little grandchildren and maybe could appreciate a little help with them, and with gardening, and definitely have plenty of skilled building-type jobs always on the list. The South Catlins offers rare wildlife (penguins, sealions, dolphins, each the rarest of their genus), Curio Bay petrified forest, surfing, great local community and we have a very comfy self-contained house in the garden.
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