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Thank you both for having us!

To all reader, especially Mr. and Mrs. Deacon,

Adeline and myself enjoyed our recent stay with Mr. and Mrs. Deacon in Albany and beyond. We were well-treated, learnt to lived like one of the Deacon's family and experienced their way of living in their property. Although it was a short seven days visit, we cherished each day while we were there with them and their lovely pet. We enjoyed their company and appreciate their utmost care ensuring both of us get to experience almost all farm and home activities in their property.

We kept thinking about the activities around the farm and home even though we are back in Singapore now. We even started having and enjoying our breakfast the Deacon's way.

We cant thanks them enough for their generousity and hospitality while having us there. We highly recommend their hobby farm to local and international tourist who have interest in the farm work experience in-exchange for accomodation and meals, especially to all new beginners and city dwellers like us.

Many thanks for the booklet as it worth more than NZD25 (priceless). Highly recommended for all to get the booklet and start trying. Great experience.

Thank you all very much, best regards and cheers,

from Khong Woon Shin & Adeline Tan Cheng Cheng - Singapore.
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