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Experienced males/females for

simple building projects but you need to know what you are doing. Hen house and wood shed with post and iron. Will involve digging and mixing easy mix cement for the holes etc. I'll help. Id like a leanto type frame built off the north side of the flat so we can use it as a covered porch and something similar erected down the north side/sunny side of the house to give my Grandies a covered area for their sand pit in the winter. All post and 4x2 stuff. I have totara battens for tacking to existing fences.
Females who would rather hang out with my 4 year old so I can do stuff also aprectiated. One person at a time or a male female couple with the lady keen to hang out with my boy. Im a Grandparent raising a now 4yr old since he was 3 months old and my place has been neglected outside since he came so I need some serious help to finish projects and pull it back into shape,
Also anyone with carpet/vinyl laying experience, plumbing, installing double doors into pre strengthened space.
Im state Highway one north of Hunterville, North Island. Id prefer one person at a time but will consider a couple if you both fit my needs.
Iv been renovating parts of the house so Males need own campervan/accomodation at present as the flats full of overflow from the house. Females/couples can stay in the house. My membership in the book is SN Hunterville in the Manawatu region, and some of the details need updating.
Cheers Sharon and Hunter
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