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Hints for visitors

A couple of points for visitors:

Many hosts are busy people and really appreciate you offering to help with basic domestic chores such as helping prepare meals, clearing up after a meal, dish washing and putting out the washing. These things often make a big difference to the host and will be greatly appreciated.

If you have any dietary requirements such as allergies or vegetarian please ensure the host knows this in advance and discuss what may be required. You may need to bring special ingredients with you (remember many farms are a long way from shops so you can't just nip out for these). If you need a different meal cooked then you should offer to cook your own - perhaps offer to share with the hosts. This will help ensure a smooth stay.

Great communication is the key to a good stay :).
Email Message CreatorFHiNZ
Special diets

Some of my children had health issues that required special diets, from Reflux to food related migraines and just plain old allergies to different things so Im right up there with understanding peoples needs in this area.
I was vegetarian for 15 years and now eat almost anything and am not strict about any one type of diet. I dont eat (much) bread nor do I drink cows milk so visitors need to take care of those needs themselves. I have a bread maker so they can cook their own though.
Great idea to post a topic on this because Im sure there are plenty of travellers who stress about this.
Email Message CreatorSharon

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