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Helper's manners w.r.t. communication and not turn

I must say I find it infuriating when prospective Farm Helpers send us an email, ask to be taken on, and then never respond when they receive a positive reply.

This is not merely rude. It also spoils things for other people. We recently had an application from a 19 y.o. German, I gave him a positive reply and haven't heard back for a week. In the meantime I have turned other people away - yet by now I am convinced 'Friedeman von Bar' will never be heard from again. Inconsiderate git.

And I am not even talking about stocking up the larder, because it just so happens we didn't this time around, but we have been landed with a full fridge in the past, and then people don't turn up.

Folks, if you get a positive reply from a host, and you don't want to take them up after all, YOU MUST communicate. Or I will quite happily post warnings about you here.

Email Message CreatorPeter Huebner
hear hear ...

I agree with you Peter. It is more than rude when visitors do not turn up and it makes hosts reluctant to book in advance which disadvantages those with good manners. It is better for visiors to call and say sorry I can't make it than just be another no show. Some hosts have to drive considerable distances to pick up their visitors. I approve of using this forum to warn other hosts.
Email Message Creatorfhinz
Initial contact

I think Peter is being a little harsh. I never consider my positive reply will necessarily result in the helper coming to stay. I know that helpers often get no reply from emails sent to farms and often will send a request for a position out to several farms at once. Of course they will go with the farm that best suits their timetable and their plans. Obviously if the helper has actually booked and then doesn't front up it would be anoying. Personally this has never happend to us.
Sandra, Hawkes Bay.
Email Message CreatorSandra
not entirely unreasonable, I thought!

I don't mind not ever hearing again when I tell people that we can't take them on - fair enough. But if somebody calls or emails and asks if they can come next Wednesday, and I reply in the affirmative, then I consider that to be a valid agreement. Should they have a positive from another farmer and prefer that option, they should let me know so that I can a)give somebody else the chance to come and stay and/or b) don't drive 80km to town to stock up on food that will then languish in the fridge. In fact, if we want a decent supermarket we have to drive over 100 km (each way!) to go shopping ... that's more than half a day gone for us.

If nothing else, it's common courtesy.

Different story if they write 'can we come in two months time' and I reply 'yes, get in touch a week before' - I do not count on that, and I am not offended if I never hear again, but that's quite different from a specific arrangement.

nb. I am usually a pretty laid back sort of person, but we'd been stood up by a succession of people when I originally posted my rant, as well as having unnecessarily turned away a number of good people because of it. I was pretty miffed at the time.

cheers, -Peter
Email Message CreatorPeter
Some farmers don't respond either.

I totally agree, I would be annoyed to if a positive reply of mine wouldn't get a respond and I would have to turn other people down because I would be waiting for a respond.

But ehhmm. Some framers are doing exactly the same thing, I myself have contacted about 40 farmers and got about 15 answers.
I don't expect the rest of the farmers to respond. :(

Have a nice day everybody :)
Email Message CreatorNicki

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