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Farm Helpers In New Zealand 

New Zealand Sheep
What is FHiNZ?
FHiNZ stands for Farm Helpers in New Zealand, we sell a booklet listing about 350 farms throughout New Zealand. These farmers are willing to offer free accommodation and food to visitors in exchange for 4-6 hours work each day. Please see About FHiNZ for more information.
How do I become a member of FHiNZ?
Please see our 'Become a Member' page.
How do I become a host of FHiNZ?
Please see our 'Become a Host' page.
How much is a FHiNZ booklet?
A FHiNZ booklet costs NZ$25, click here for a currency converter.
Where can I purchase a booklet?
You can purchase a booklet online, by contacting the co-ordinators or from a stockist in New Zealand. If contacting us by phone, fax or post we will need to know your address and when you intend to visit New Zealand.
How can I pay for a booklet?
You may send cash (most major currencies) or a cheque (write cheques in your own currency) or you may pay by Visa or Mastercard. If you are paying by credit card we recommend applying online and using our secure credit card payment service.
How many people can travel on one booklet?
A family, couple or two people travelling together may use the one book. If they separate during their travel the booklet can only go with one person. If both want to keep using the scheme then another book should be purchased.
What do I do when I receive the booklet?
Use the information in the booklet to contact farms where you would like to visit. You can do this before you leave or make arrangements as you travel around the country. If you make advance bookings, please be polite and notify farms of any changes to your plans.
How long before travelling should I purchase the booklet?
We recommend about 2 months before travel. This gives plenty of time for the booklet to be posted to you and time to plan where you might visit while ensuring you receive an up to date booklet.
How much notice do I have to give a farm before coming to stay?
You must ring or write at least 24 hours in advance of wishing to stay.
Can I use the scheme to obtain a work permit or residency?
No - the scheme does not guarantee work so the scheme can not be used to obtain a work permit or permanent residence status.
How will the farm know I am a FHiNZ member?
You must have a current membership booklet with the original colour cover when you arrive. People without this booklet will not be hosted and will be turned away. Your passport will be checked for positive ID.
How much work is required on a farm in exchange for accommodation and food?
You will be helping the farm on average 4 to 6 hours per day. Each farm sets its own rules and time limits to fit their needs. If you think a farm was unfair, please tell us about it so we can check it out.
What type of work is required?
You will given jobs that you can do yourself, or you will help the farmer with their jobs depending on the weather and season. Some jobs will be dirty, others boring but that is all part of farm life. You must be prepared to help with meal preparation, dishes and other household chores as you are making extra work for the family. Always ask what you can do to help.
Do I require farming experience?
For many farms you do not need farming experience but bring old clothes and shoes. The work depends on the type of farm you stay on, the season and your abilities. Some of the work may be off the farm eg gardening, household help or minding children.
What type of farms are associated with FHiNZ?
There are many different types of farms: sheep, beef, dairy, pigs, goats, deer and horses. Some are large farms and some are small hobby farms.
Where are the farms located?
Throughout New Zealand, in both the North and South Islands, please see our Farm Locations page for a map.
How will I get to the farm?
Most farms will arrange to collect you from the nearest town.
How can I contact the FHiNZ co-ordintors?
Warwick and Heather Grady
41 South St
Palmerston North 4410
New Zealand
A/H phone/fax + 64 6 354 1104
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